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The PLT Automation S.à r.l. was founded in the grand duchy of Luxembourg in early 2008. Our core competencies are the automation, networking and electrical engineering. Because of their longstanding experience in various procedural sectors our employees not only use the latest standards, but also adapt these perfectly to the customers'requirements.
From engineering and virtualization of entire process control systems to modern building services engineering and the construction of system, IT and server racks, we support our customers with competences for the planning and realization of many complex tasks.

A central point in the main business is system support. In maintenance, not only  current functions of a system are serviced. Moreover, plant modifications during shutdown, but also during ongoing operation, are realized in coordination with the customer.
Our service team is at your disposal 24 hours, 7 days a week for continuous and highly available service.
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Tailor-made products

We develop solutions to your success. 


We support Maestro UX Hardware till 2025

KEEP IT ALIVE - This is our motto to be able to maintain your plant also in the long term.
We have concepts and possibilities for offering you a sophisticated Lifecycle service, since we are already in action at many plants and facilities around the globe.


For smaller and medium-sized enterprises

Save your money for server machines and outsource your IT. We host your entire system under high  standards for data protection and security. Take advantage of many benefits such as energy and space savings, customized pricing as well as client technology for fast and flexible work.


Terminal Solutions for Maestro UX

Reach a new level of independence with PLT MFT (Multifunction Terminal).
Our technology combines different process control systems to only one single PLT MFT. You save costs for future upgrades and migrations of your system. This innovation includes a solid hardware and software package.


System Condition Monitoring

SCM (System Condition Monitoring) is a manufacturer-independent system and device monitoring, with which not only hardware but also virtual interfaces and devices can be supervised. This will give you a rapid data distribution and access through OPC. SCM offers all possibilities of a modern process control system.

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