Melody-, IT- and Server Cabinets

Manufacturing and installation from one single source

Let the professionals handle theinstallation of your cabinets. Thanks to our shop floor and our skilled technicians, we are capable or building IT and server racks, as well as system cabinets in special sizes (e.g. 900mm width) and we also manufacture switch and control cabinets of any kind and size. The construction is always diligently and accurately performed according to specifications.

System Cabinets

Our system cabinets always meet high standards of power plants and industrial environment.

 Modular setup of system cabinets

options for components and equipment

Possible upgrades to e.g. Melody cabinet, patch panel, 19" system or control  with mounting plate

Protection up to IP54 is possible

IT- & Server Cabinets

We build modular IT and network cabinets with many additional options for optimal performance. Here, we rely solely on renowned manufacturers.

Choice of component selection

Modular case setup

Installation during IT operation is possible

Integrated air condition concepts and UPS

Combination cabinets with 19" system and mounting levels for network components

 Delivery Worldwide