Plant Backup system


Our Plant Backup System Software is a solution for central storage of process control system server data, computer data and network data. With our software solution you have the possibility of making regular backups of your entire automatic control and regulation system t create and store backup files. However, other sectors of your company can also be protected from data loss with our software. You have the possibility of creating a unlimited number of security or backup scenarios or routines and run them in a scheduled manner. Therefore you always have full control of your network and the possibility of re-installing a current backup in case of  device failure.

Of course the software gives you a feedback of every backup you have executed, as well as status reports of all devices of which a backup has been made. Subsequently, you have the control over your entire plant backup concept at just one glance.

Upon request, the Plant Backup System can  be customized according to your requirements.

This software guarantees cross-platform backups, no matter if you want to make a backup of a Microsoft product, UNIX, LINUX or active network components. With this software you have all options, no matter which backup client is used.


Server Backup:
Regardless of which type of server it is dealing with the Plant Backup System can take the backup of different servers simultaneously. Whether it’s an E-Mail, database or file server you can take a backup of individual files or folders completely independent from the Operating System.


Client Backup:
The Plant Backup System is in the position to backup many clients. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Unix, Windows or Linux system. The specified backup routines run on the clients and the data is saved on the archive PC.


Unix Backup:
To backup Unix workstation a script is used to prepare the data and then copy it to the archive PC. The predefined script for this is copied on to the workstation and executed, which compresses the data and creating another copy to the archive PC. All this occurs automatically.


Network Switch Backup:
Our software is in the position to save the configuration of your network switches so that they can be restored in an emergency. This way no manual configuration is needed – just restore the configuration onto the new switch and you’re done. This saves times and money.


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Plant Backup System
automatic backup for Maestro UX and Melody Composer which can hand over all backup data to an archive PC.

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